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Change Logs ( 2/25/18) – DarkRP

With less than a day after release, its hard to believe that the first change logs are being released, but here’s what changed since release! Some of these changes occurred before the release time, but I thought I would include them (no because I forgot when we did what).

  • The bloods and crips now have raiding tools. The thief job also now has the keypad cracker.
  • The Mesa 3 is no longer purchasable in the car dealer. It is now sold by the emergency car dealer as a Military Only Jeep.
  • Mechanics were added to the map. Players do not need to worry about totaled cars being stuck.
  • A new northern gas station was added in the slums section.
  • Fixed the chat tags, they now have neat animations.
  • Report feature fixed, players should now use !report to report. Players can then rate how the staff member did.
  • Nerfed the Meth selling price (Thanks Winter for showing us that one)
  • Removed the Jeep from the F4 menu. I have no idea why that was there. Still keeping the seat for those that like to make vehicular monstrosities.
  • Kill feed removed. Prevents people from breaking roleplay (Cops would want just for kill logs).
  • Removed wiremod because of the massive amounts of exploits and crashes that would occur otherwise.
  • Fixed the random bug that caused the prop limit from spamming. (Thanks F-Admin!)
  • All users now have access to make ARC bank accounts.

Known Issues:

  • Some players cannot see voting box (I think I fixed it but I will leave this here)
  • Players get a random crashing bug when the mayor elections are finished
  • Players can still find giant props (Not all blocked yet!)
  • Dog has script errors in the information tag
  • Baker has recipe errors.
Network Head Developer and Global Admin