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Change Logs (3/2/18) – DarkRP

  • Bitcoin Miner added as a good way to get money legally. Please read the rules to make sure that you understand this new job better.
  • Pianist Added. Allows the user to spawn in and use a piano. This is a good way to get tips from users and lighten up public areas.
  • Parkourist Added. This is more of a fun role. You cannot raid with this class, but you can show off your parkour skills to others.
  • Added a new game room in the spawn. It will not be spawn protected as technically RP occurs in this area.
  • New Chess and Checkers minigames.
  • New Slot Machines added to the games room. You gamble your money and get really lucky and get millions, or turn up broke. Good Luck!
  • The starting cash is now 15K.
  • Cake Anticheat was updated.
  • Terminals were removed since they were broken.
  • New SWEPs were added to prepare for new job additions.
  • Hitman system updated
Network Head Developer and Global Admin