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Change Logs (5/3/18) – Global

For those that remember we used to have “Special Rounds”. That was removed due to a bug with the pointshop. Sometimes when special rounds started the pointshop models etc wouldn’t load. I’ve went ahead and got something implemented which is somewhat similar but more cool in my opinion. That specific thing being TTT Mutators. This will be implemented on the Anime and 24/7 Modded MCTTT server, as well as the new TTT server that’ll be coming out soon.

It works like this..

Each round there is a 10% chance (chance % might need modified) that one of these random events will occur. In the future I’ll be adding the ability for VIP and above to vote for them. The random events can be any of the following things below

  • Boss Fight

    One player is randomly selected to play The Boss. He is transformed into a Hunter from HL2:E2, with all the terrifying powers that come with it. Left click performs a deadly melee attack, while right click charges up a devastating bull-rush. Crouching enables him to shoot explosive flechettes at his targets. To keep the round moving, all players can see the boss through walls and the boss can see all players. For players who camp, the boss can enter stealth mode by holding ALT, allowing him to sneak up on his unsuspecting victims.

  • Infection

    The game starts with just one traitor. Anyone who is killed by a traitor will respawn as a traitor with 50HP. When a traitor is killed, their corpse will tell you who infected them. To keep things balanced, traitors don’t get credits for their kills.

  • Zombies

    Fast zombies spawn across the map. They’re aggressive toward innocents, neutral toward traitors, and afraid of detectives. Killing one zombie spawns another somewhere else in the map. This mutator leads to some very peculiar moments, where terrified innocent players crowd around detectives, who keep the zombies at bay.

  • Superspeed

    Self explanatory, EVERYONE IS SUPER SANIC SPEED.

  • Bighead Mode

    Players have their heads, hands, feet, and weapons ballooned to massive sizes and their torsos shrunk to cartoon proportions. Shooting someone in their gargantuan dome will make it pop like a massive, bloated watermelon. Popped skulls are cheered on by a chorus of excited children. Bonus: tea-bagging a corpse will also trigger this effect. This round can be especially deadly thanks to the size of your engorged heads hitboxes. 

  • Balanced Ridiculousness

    Each mutator was conceived intently with game design in mind. The several mechanics in place for each mutator are designed to offer exciting, yet balanced gameplay for all players involved. Each mutator also has a custom help menu.

I’ve also introduced a couple fixes to some things. 

  • Fixed a couple small issues with the new weapons there were implemented recently.
  • Updated spray system to have the ability to add a NSFW tag.
  • Decreased download times for new players on Anime TTT drastically.
  • Implemented some features for a new update regarding joining network related groups in the future.

As always if there is any issues guys be sure to let the dev team know and we’ll get to it as soon as possible.