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Welcome to the New Development Site!

This site was designed to more accurately display and showcase bug fixes, changes, and modifications to servers and services on the Smithtainment Gaming Network. We've decided to transform the old development site into a community website and blog for network-related events and news. Both sites will be used in tandem now to display changes, so keep a close eye on both if you are interested.

How to navigate...

  • Navigation is simple on this new site. each changelog is displayed based on the date of the change released. You can click on the date to bring up a more detailed view of the changes released on this date.

  • Logs are colored differently so that you can quickly determine what type of log was made.

  • Each log has a unique number associated with it so that logs can be quickly documented or referenced outside the changelog site.

There are multiple planned features including a search bar and detailed server categories coming in the next days, so please check this site regularly!

~Development Team Leadership


  • [#42399] added VPH - Crates have been added to pointshop! There are 3 crates that are obtainable by regular points.
  • [#42400] added VPH - CSGO knives have been implemented and are ONLY obtainable via crates. They are now considered the rarest items on the server.
  • [#42401] changed VPH - New players will now start out with 25k pointshop points.
  • [#42402] changed VPH - Increased points gained from various different methods in the pointshop. Overall it should be a lot better for players to gain pointshop points now.
  • [#42403] changed VPH - Added more random drop options for pointshop points. There is now a chance that a random player will get 50k pointshop points to drop. I have also increased the random premium point drop from 10 points to 30.


  • [#41395] added MCTTT - Magnum has been added to the pointshop under the weapons tab for 2000 premium points.
  • [#41396] added MCTTT - Minecraft weapons and Toy Hammer have returned to the pointshop for a limited time.
  • [#41397] added VPH/CPH - The official SG prop hunt map has been updated to v2 with various changes.
  • [#41398] added MCTTT - Added a different version of Iron Boots.


  • [#40386] added MCTTT/VPH - Limited time halloween models are back in the pointshop. They will only be purchasable during the month of October.
  • [#40387] changed GLOBAL - Loading screen is now Halloween themed.
  • [#40388] changed WEBSITE - Donation site is now Halloween themed.
  • [#40389] added MCTTT/VTTT - New map ttt_mc_spooky.
  • [#40390] added MCTTT/VTTT - New map ttt_minecraft_b6_spooky.
  • [#40391] added MCTTT/VTTT - New map ttt_minecraftcity_v4_dark.
  • [#40392] added VPH - New map ph_horror_hotel.
  • [#40393] added VPH - New map ph_spooky_scary_map.


  • [#40381] fixed FORUMS - Login system to remove certain security loopholes.
  • [#40382] fixed FORUMS - Bugs so that players log in a bit quicker. This was a minor change
  • [#40383] fixed FORUMS - BBCode errors so that they are less prevalent.
  • [#40384] fixed FORUMS - Theme problems so that colors are more uniform on all the pages.
  • [#40385] removed FORUMS - Herobrine.


  • [#39374] added VTTT - Implemented a new stats system. This tracks various statistics such as overall kdr and weapon stats. You can also view the stats of other players. Simply type !leaderboard or press F6. You must have at least 15 rounds on the server for stats to start tracking.
  • [#39375] added MCTTT - Traitor weapon Boomerang can now be purchased if you are a Traitor.
  • [#39376] added VPH - Limited time beast weapons are back in the pointshop for a limited time. Pick them up while you can.
  • [#39377] changed VPH - Veteran and Master ranks should now have color on the scoreboard.
  • [#39378] changed VPH - Reduced premium point prices of almost the entire pointshop. I felt some things were just too expensive. Take a look at the new prices I think they're pretty fair.
  • [#39379] added CPH - Implemented snake minigame.


  • [#38369] added VPH - Mountain dew and doritos playermodels. Some are limited time
  • [#38370] added VPH - Among Us playermodel is now in the pointshop under premium models section.
  • [#38371] added VPH - You can now play the game Snake by pressing F7 ingame.
  • [#38372] removed VPH - Deleted a couple maps that were disliked by quite a few people.
  • [#38373] removed VPH - Deleted a lot of unused data that could potentially lag the server at times.


  • [#37364] added VPH - new map ph_supermarket_redux.
  • [#37365] added VPH - Completing the Easter Egg on the official SG map will now reward you with 10000 pointshop points.
  • [#37366] added VPH - Added resident evil 2 player models to pointshop. 4 of them are limited time for 1000 premium points each.
  • [#37367] changed VPH - Increased amount of points earned from rewards menu. Also fixed a couple issues with the discord reward.


  • [#37358] added MCS - Anvil enchant limit has been removed. For example 2 swords with Sharpness V can be upgraded to Sharpness VI when merged.
  • [#37359] added MCS - You can now sit on chairs
  • [#37360] added MCS - You can now see how many times you've killed each type of mob. Simply type /mobkills.
  • [#37362] added VTTT - ttt_mc_nighthouse_v3
  • [#37363] removed VTTT - ttt_mc_nighthouse_v2


  • [#36329] added MCTTT - Map vote has been implemented as well as all maps that are on vanilla ttt. You can type !rtv to start a mapvote.
  • [#36330] added MCTTT - VIP++ now has access to material command which allows you to customize how your player looks. This was supposed to be announced a while back but I forgot.
  • [#36331] added MCTTT - Genji's Katana has been added to pointshop for a limited time for 3000 premium points.
  • [#36332] added MCTTT - G36 Balrog has been added to pointshop for a limited time for 3000 premium points.
  • [#36333] added MCTTT - Anime SMG has been added to pointshop for a limited time for 3000 premium points.
  • [#36334] added MCTTT - Guitar Gun has been added to pointshop for 3500000 regular points or 3000 premium points.
  • [#36335] added MCTTT - Confetti Gun can now drop at a low rate.
  • [#36336] added MCTTT - Umbrella Gun can now drop at a low rate. This gun is only obtainable from drops.
  • [#36337] added MCTTT - Traitor weapon Thriller has been added.
  • [#36338] fixed MCTTT - Issue with players not staying in spectator mode has been resolved.
  • [#36339] removed MCTTT - Reaper skin has been yeeted.


  • [#35310] changed MCS - Nether has been wiped.
  • [#35311] changed MCS - End has been wiped.
  • [#35312] changed MCS - Phantoms have been added back.
  • [#35313] changed MCS - MCMMO data has been reset.
  • [#35314] changed MCS - Jobs are back but just like MCMMO data has been wiped completely clean.
  • [#35315] changed MCS - Economy has been reset. All players cash has been set to 1000.
  • [#35316] changed MCS - Made the chat manager less annoying. Does not auto correct grammar anymore.
  • [#35317] changed MCS - Claimable blocks increased from 7500 to 10000.
  • [#35318] changed MCS - Claims will now expire after 30 days unless you have 10000 or more claims.
  • [#35319] changed MCS - Increased world border to 15000.
  • [#35320] changed MCS - Fixed various new exploits for the latest version of Minecraft.
  • [#35321] changed MCS - Leaves will now decay much faster when trees are broken.
  • [#35322] added MCS - Coordinates and a 24 hour clock will now display on your action bar. Type /coordinates toggle if you wish to modify it.
  • [#35323] added MCS - Players will now get notified when their items are low on durability. Type /da to get started.
  • [#35324] added MCS - EXP can now be bottled. Type /bottle to get started.
  • [#35325] fixed MCS - Issue with auction house randomly not working has been resolved.
  • [#35326] fixed MCS - Silk spawners should now be able to be mined by netherite pickaxe.
  • [#35328] fixed MCS - Heads plugin has been fixed and readded.

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