Change Logs (10/21/18) – Modded TTT

This is the first changelog (of hopefully many) of the Modded TTT server. The server has only been out for a little over a day now and it’s obviously going to undergo various changes. Some of the things this server has will most likely be implemented onto the 24/7 MCTTT / Anime TTT servers in the future. It’s obvious still very early stages of this server, honestly I’m not even sure if I’m going to keep it named Modded TTT that’s basically just a placeholder for now. We most certainly also need staff for this server so please be sure to apply to help us out… anyway onto the changes.

  • Map rotation has been changed to no CSS required maps. There are currently (3) maps however that aren’t in the map rotation (which means they’ll have to be manually voted for or forced to) that require CSS so we can keep everyone somewhat happy. Those maps are ttt_metropolis, ttt_communitybowling, and ttt_rooftops.
  • L96A1 Sniper rifle removed due to extremely weird visual bug.
  • Couple player models removed due to bad hitboxes. Will be replaced soon with new ones.
  • Nyan Gun removed. This was originally planned to just be a troll gun that dealt no damage, but it’s pointless to keep something that will just increase download times for that reason.
  • Pump Shotgun rate of fire slightly increased.