Change Logs (2/7/19) – Global

The first update of Febuary. This one is going to introduce some new player models to PH and new weapons to MCTTT. 


  • Removed “Mini-Gun” weapon.
  • Re-added man-hacks. They should be fully functional now. Please report if they aren’t.
  • Added “Genji’s Sword” weapon. It is currently purchasable by T’s. Works very similar to how it does on Overwatch. Speed boost, animation, etc. It will be available in the pointshop for purchase as soon as we figure out if it’s balanced enough. You guys will like this a lot though, extremely fun to use.

Prop Hunt

  • Removed map “ph_festive_mansion” since Christmas is well over.
  • Added *tons* of classic Resident Evil 2 player models to the pointshop. There is at least 15-20 new models in there, and the download times practically weren’t touched. The filesize was literally around 1.5mb, fairly insane for this many models in one pack.

Upcoming updates:

  • New stats system for all servers. It’s currently still a work in progress but a lot of progress has been made thus far. Expect it very soon.
  • New maps for Prop Hunt. Just need to test them a bit more.
  • More weapon balancing to MCTTT.
  • DarkRP is still a work in progress. We will have an ETA for it as soon as possible. We also need more funds to be able to support it.

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