Change Logs (4/17/18) – Global

It’s been a while since some new weapons have been introduced to the TTT servers. These will be added to both Anime TTT and Modded MCTTT.  If there is any issues with these please let us know ASAP.

  • Added Traitor weapon “Bird Bomb”. This is available in the pointshop for 2000 premium points or purchasable by a Traitor. It has up to 3 charges. You can control a bird (make it fly around the map) and explode onto others.
  • Added Detective weapon “Bird Cam”. It works the same way as the Bird Bomb except it does no damage. Essentially it allows the detective to scope out the map for Traitors.
  • Added Traitor weapon “Body Bomb”. This works by clicking a dead corpse. After you do that a notification will appear above the dead bodies head. Whoever tries to identify the corpse will be exploded.
  • Added Traitor weapon “Cloak device” Pretty self explanatory. Allows you to go nearly invisible for a set amount of time as long as you hold the item in ur hand.
  • Added detective weapon “Disarmer”. Self explanatory again, will make other players drop their weapons.
  • Added Traitor/Detective weapon “Energy Drink”. This will slightly increase your HP and running speed.
  • Added Traitor weapon “Impersonator”. Self explanatory. You can impersonate another person on the server.
  • Added Traitor/Detective weapon “Iron Boots”. This will reduce your fall damage for a short period of time.
  • Added Detective weapon “Shield Gun”. This is available in the pointshop as well for 1000 premium points. This should be self explanatory. It allows you to shoot a shield which will block low velocity rounds.
  • Added detective weapon “Thermal Vision”. This will allow you to see others through walls.