Change Logs (6/29/19) – Global


  • Rainbow Miku is no longer purchasable in the pointshop.


  • Traitor weapon “SLAM Tripmine” has returned.
  • Fixed fire rate issue with M4A1 Transformer.
  • G36 Balrog is now purchasable in the pointshop for a limited time. Previous limited time items are no longer purchasable.
  • Chrono boots re-worked.
    • No longer purchasable by detectives.
    • No longer reduces fall damage.
    • Now increases jump power by 10%.
    • Blink cooldown increased from (0.5) > (0.7).
    • Max blinks reduced from (3) > (2).
    • Recharge rate increased from (4) > (5).
    • Blink travel distance decreased from (500) > (450)
  • Removed frag grenade.
  • Detectives weapon “Stun Gun” base damage increased from (9) > (12).
  • Flare Gun base damage increased from (9) > (13).

Prop Hunt

  • Removed map “ph_bikinibottom”.
  • Removed map “ph_westerncity”.
  • Added map “ph_winecellar”
  • Added map “ph_house_2019 (totally new version of the house map)
  • Added map “ph_spooky_scary_map” – not sure if I’ll keep this, mainly wanting to test to bring it back in Halloween. Let me know if it’s good.


  • Fixed issue with pointshop not having original items.
  • Decreased download times as well as increased server stability.


Anime Prop Hunt will be getting a huge overhaul soon. Mincraft Survival is just around the corner as well (:


As always be sure let us know of any issues! Please report them in the support discord.