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Change Logs (7/2/19) – Global

This update applies to 24/7 MCTTT, Vanilla Prop Hunt, Vanilla Prop Hunt, and Anime Prop Hunt. The items will only be purchasable until 7/7/19 (Sunday).

  • Captain America with and without the shield is now purchasable in the pointshop for a limited time of 3500 points each. (Does not apply to Anime PH since it isn’t Anime themed.)
  • Celebrate the 4th of July in style with the Pyrozooka now purchasable on Vanilla PH, 24/7 MCTTT, and Deathrun. It costs either 500,000 regular points or 2000 premium points. Use “R” to change fireworks color. Right click to shoot firework TNT’s. This weapon does not deal damage and is purely for cosmetic purposes.
  • Anime Prop Hunt, Vanilla PH, and 24/7 MCTTT now have a very low chance to randomly drop 100,000 regular points to lucky one lucky individual each round. This will only be in effect until 7/7/19 (Sunday). Time for you guys to grind ^_^.