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Change Logs (7/26/19) – Anime Prop Hunt

  • Fixed issue with server randomly breaking before map change.
  • Added playermodel “Alucard”. Purchasable in pointshop.
  • Added Confetti weapon. Purely for cosmetic purposes, does no damage. Purchasable in pointshop. Also has a low chance to drop.
  • Added Nyan Cat weapon. Purchasble in pointshop.
  • Added Anime themed Desert Eagle. Available in pointshop.
  • Added weapon Uzi. Available in pointshop.
  • Added weapon Scar-M8. Available in pointshop.
  • Added easter eggs on some maps.
  • Default crowbar skin has been replaced with Ruby Roses crescent rose.
  • The servers ranks are anime themed and are now the following:
    • Weeaboo (0 hour requirement)
    • Otaku (15 hour requirement)
    • Kuudere (35 hour requirement)
    • Chuunibyou (100 hour requirement)
  • Removed map “ph_westerncity”.
  • Removed some files that shouldn’t of been on the server to speed up performance. Boosting performance by x3.

Coming Soon:

  • Default hunter player models will be re-placed with anime themed models.
  • Custom anime themed taunt packs.
  • More anime themed weapons.
  • A custom anime themed PH map.

As always report any issues and all suggestions in our support discord. We’re currently in need of staff for this server. There is currently no hour requirement as well.