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Change Logs (7/29/19) – Global


  • Emotes have been optimized and re-worked with the following changes.
    • Emotes now have holograms which are special emotes you can place on the ground instead of over your head.
    • Third-Person view has been disabled on Prop Hunt due to the possibility of ghosting when blinded as a hunter.
    • Emotes now have the possibility of custom sounds. Sounds can also be disabled individually if you don’t want to hear them.
    • The emote shop is now more clean and categorized into different sections.
    • Fixed a bunch of random errors.


  • The CSGO server has been shut down due to it having no popularity and no developers for it. Instead I’ve put the resources into giving the upcoming Minecraft Survival server for more RAM for better performance. Increased ram from (4 gigs) to (6 gigs).



  • Demon Thompson has been removed due to low popularity. If you purchased this you can be refunded just make a ticket.
  • Glowing Traitors plugin has been removed due to decreasing frames for people who have low-end PC’s.
  • Chrono Boots have been removed.
  • Gauss Rifle, Dual Dragon Elites, and Golden Desert Eagle have been brought back for a limited time in the shop. Purchase them under the “Limited Time” section in the shop while you can.
  • Golden Desert Eagle damage increased from (40) > (47).


Anime Prop Hunt

  • Decreased map pool due to the server being new. Will increase it again in the future once the server grows a community. The following map pool is:
    • ph_restaurant
    • ph_school
    • ph_minecraft_awakening_a3
    • ph_house_v3
    • ph_islandhouse
    • ph_parkinglot



  • Server slot has been increased from (10) to (12) for now.
  • Server location has changed from NYC to Chicago. This is a test to see which location is better even for our other servers. New IP is
  • New playermodels added to the pointshop which are the following:
    • Minecraft Steve
    • Spongebob Playermodel Pack
  • Added Confetti Pistol which does no damage. Intended for cosmetic purposes.
  • Added new maps which are the following:
    • dr_aztecworld
    • dr_Crashmedieval


If there is any issues or suggestions please create a ticket in our support discord.