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Change Logs (9/1/19) – Global


  • Man-hacks have been removed and replaced with Dementors.
  • Gauss rifle has been slightly reworked.
    • Damage reduced from (75)  > (65).
    • Blast radius has been reduced.
    • Clip size increased from (2) > (3).
  • Emotes temporarily disabled due to an exploit.
  • Fixed issue with Valentines Day trooper being an error.
  • Detective DNA scanner has a new and improved model. It is now a magnifying glass.
  • AK-47 Beast and Lara (Weeb) SMG are back in the pointshop for a limited time. Purchase them while you can.

Vanilla Prop Hunt

  • Added map “ph_terraces_2019.”

Classic Prop Hunt

  • Optimized map pool more. Added map “ph_terraces_2019.”

Vanilla TTT

In 2019 it’s proven time and time again that CSS based servers are very difficult to run. That being said, due to the low popularity of CSS the Vanilla TTT server will be setup exactly like our current MCTTT server. 9999 rounds 9999 minutes. We will need more staff for this server. I suspect a fairly big increase in people joining due to it having zero downloads/pure vanilla.

  • The server is now officially 24/7 minecraft_b5. 

Minecraft Survival

Minecraft survival finally has a release date for beta set at 9.14.19 7:00 P.M. EST. If you wish to enter, view


Murder was recently announced. There is currently no ETA for when it will be released but development has begun.