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Change Logs (9/15/19) – 24/7 Minecraft TTT

  • Jetpack has been removed.
  • Fulton recovery system has been removed.
  • Gauss Rifle explosion radius decreased. Ammo decreased from (3) > (2).
  • Added Detective weapon “Air Boat Spawner”. You can drive this around the map, it does no damage to players, mostly a fun thing for detectives to use. Only spawnable once.
  • Added contract system. (Minimum 8 players to enable.) It works like this:
    • Each round a Traitor will be tasked to kill an innocent with a specified weapon. (Completely random.)
    • Each round a Detective will be tasked to protect a specified innocent. (Completely random.)
    • Completing the task will reward points. You must be alive at the end of the round to be rewarded.
    • Certain weapons have a higher multiplier of points rewarded.
    • VIP+ and VIP++ will be rewarded higher points compared to normal users. If you have a custom tag and donated for one of these ranks in the past I will add your rank to the list of ranks with doubled points.
  • AWP Dragon Lore and Umbrella Shotgun added to pointshop for a limited time.