Change Logs (9/25/19) – Global


  • Increased points gained from contracts.
  • AK-47 Beast damage increased from (28) > (30). Recoil reduced.
  • Dislocator weapon has been removed.
  • H.U.G.E. damage increased from (9) > (10).


  • Added new stats system. Type !stats in-game to access the stats of other players as well as yours. It has the following features:
    • Stats of wins as a prop. (Must be alive at the end of round for it to count!)
    • Stats of wins as a hunter. (Must be alive at the end of the round for it to count!)
    • Total kills as a hunter.
    • Total deaths as a prop.
    • Top 10 players with best overall stats.
  • Added new map “ph_house2k20.”
  • Added new map “ph_lotparking.” (CPH ONLY!)
  • Removed map “ph_office” from CPH due to hunter bug.

Minecraft Survival Beta

  • Removed chest/inventory sort plugin.
  • Added a head plugin which allows mobs/players to drop heads upon death.
  • Added world border (10,000 chunks).
  • Increased server ram from (6 gigs) to (8 gigs). Should be a lot more stable now.
  • Added warps for The End and Nether. Simply type /warp end or /warp nether.
  • Added starter kit. Type /kit starter for access. There is a 1 hour cooldown.

As always report any and all issues in our support discord. Minecraft Survival official ETA is just around the corner as well which means the white list will be removed.