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Welcome to the New Development Site!

This site was designed to more accurately display and showcase bug fixes, changes, and modifications to servers and services on the Smithtainment Gaming Network. We've decided to transform the old development site into a community website and blog for network-related events and news. Both sites will be used in tandem now to display changes, so keep a close eye on both if you are interested.

How to navigate...

  • Navigation is simple on this new site. each changelog is displayed based on the date of the change released. You can click on the date to bring up a more detailed view of the changes released on this date.

  • Logs are colored differently so that you can quickly determine what type of log was made.

  • Each log has a unique number associated with it so that logs can be quickly documented or referenced outside the changelog site.

There are multiple planned features including a search bar and detailed server categories coming in the next days, so please check this site regularly!

~Development Team Leadership


  • [#31283] added VANILLA+ - Traitor weapon ak47. Might need balanced more we'll see.
  • [#31284] added VANILLA+ - Detective weapon Revolver. Might also need balanced.
  • [#31285] changed VANILLA+ - Scout damage changed from 50 > 65. This is entirely experimental I want to see if people enjoy it or not.
  • [#31286] added VANILLA+ - Map ttt_clue_se.
  • [#31287] added VANILLA+ - Map ttt__go_glassian_a2.
  • [#31288] added VANILLA+ - Map ttt_arena_1.
  • [#31290] changed VANILLA+ - Shotgun has been reworked again. Should feel more like the Vanilla shotgun now but with less damage.


  • [#30280] fixed SVTTT/VTTT/ATTT - MOTD to have correct forums links for rules.


  • [#29252] added FORUMS - New "default" theme. It's main color scheme is lavender and blue.
  • [#29253] changed FORUMS - Profile layout so that is paginated.
  • [#29254] added FORUMS - Awards system that can be given out to players that participate in events/challenges.
  • [#29255] fixed FORUMS - Stability issues, particularly in site navigation.
  • [#29256] fixed FORUMS - Social media links at the bottom of the page.
  • [#29257] fixed FORUMS - Usergroup display on member profiles.
  • [#29258] fixed FORUMS - Some of the problems with copying and pasting outside page text into the editor.
  • [#29259] fixed FORUMS - Mobile theme will now load in similar to the desktop theme.
  • [#29260] fixed FORUMS - Sign-in problems associated with making an account.
  • [#29261] fixed FORUMS - COPPA agreement will not break the page content box anymore.
  • [#29262] fixed FORUMS - Awards/Badges page on the profile now contain details.
  • [#29263] fixed FORUMS - Awards page no longer displays information regarding why a person got an award.
  • [#29264] fixed FORUMS - Scrolling on certain browsers caused content to slide to the right.
  • [#29265] fixed FORUMS - Pagination buttons on the memberlist, threads, and forums pages do not clip the title.
  • [#29266] fixed FORUMS - Notification messages are more readable.
  • [#29267] fixed FORUMS - Posts that have outside pages embedded no longer take on the style of the forum.
  • [#29268] fixed FORUMS - Site designed links now link to actual profiles, not the old links.
  • [#29269] fixed FORUMS - Signature divider is more subtle.
  • [#29270] fixed FORUMS - Network Managers now have a sparkle effect.
  • [#29271] added FORUMS - Head Admins now have automatic verification on the forums and a glow.
  • [#29272] added FORUMS - Links to forums, posts, and profiles now have a better page identifier.
  • [#29273] added FORUMS - Disabled forums breadcrumbs on certain pages.
  • [#29274] added WEB - New homepage for the network. It contains game mode information and links to social media.
  • [#29275] added WEB - Counter to the page that shows concurrent joins for monthly, yearly, and all time.
  • [#29276] changed FORUMS - Server list appears on the sidebar so that the top of the forums takes up more of the main forums page.
  • [#29277] removed FORUMS - CKEditor 5 since it was broken and was not loading.
  • [#29278] added FORUMS - TinyCME editor.
  • [#29279] removed FORUMS - Dark Theme V3 as it was getting phased out with the new changes to the website.


  • [#29250] removed ATTT - SpecDM due to too many errors.
  • [#29251] removed ATTT - GTA Death Screen.


  • [#28247] removed MCTTT - Several heavy addons ( that may have caused some lag ) including Garry's Mod admin suite and player animations.
  • [#28248] removed MCTTT - World War II weapons to reduce downloads and speed up first join.
  • [#28249] removed MCTTT - Day / Night cycle for tweaking. It will be lengthened to reduce the chances of the black texture bug. We will also brighten up nighttime so that flashlights are not needed to move around.
  • [#28281] added DISC BOTS - Sandbox commands (prefix: sb, sandbox).
  • [#28282] removed DISC BOTS - Horror murder and SCP:SL commands.


  • [#28239] added GLOBAL - 2 limited time player models have been added to CPH/VPH/MCTTT for 3000 premium points each. Purchasable until August 16th.
  • [#28240] added VPH - New map ph_westerncity.
  • [#28241] added VPH - New map ph_abandoned_school.
  • [#28242] added VPH - New map ph_zombiebunker.
  • [#28243] removed VPH - ph_school has been removed.
  • [#28244] changed MCS - Arrow has been replaced with Phantom Membrane at the buy shop.
  • [#28245] fixed MCS - Various exploit and stability fixes.


  • [#27234] removed GLOBAL - Rainbow Miku is no longer purchasable in pointshop.
  • [#27235] added MCTTT - Added Traitor weapon Ice Grenade.
  • [#27236] added MCTTT - Added an option to the TTT settings menu to change the radio hotkeys to a radial menu. You can use it by holding down the radio key aka Suit Zoom and moving your mouse over one of the available messages.
  • [#27237] added MCTTT - Diamond sword
  • [#27238] changed MCS - Phantoms will no longer spawn.


  • [#26230] added VTTT - ttt_mc67thway map.
  • [#26231] added MCTTT - WW2 weapons have been added. If there is any suggestions or issues let us know in the development discord.
  • [#26232] added MCTTT - Custom weapon skins have been added and are purchasable via pointshop points. Both premium and regular.
  • [#26233] added MCTTT - 5 new player models have been added to the pointshop.


  • [#25226] removed ATTT - “Prop Blaster” weapon due to it causing lag whenever it was shot.
  • [#25227] removed ATTT - “Mjolnir” weapon.
  • [#25228] added ATTT - TTT Melee Weapon Pack for cosmetic crowbars in pointshop.
  • [#25229] added ATTT - ttt_mc_fishingisland.


  • [#25220] added MCS - Shops have been implemented. One side is the buy location and one is the sell location. Type /warp shop1 to buy and /warp shop2 to sell.
  • [#25221] changed MCS - RTP will now cost $100 to RTP.
  • [#25222] changed MCS - Silkspawners can now only be mined by Golden or Diamond pickaxes.
  • [#25223] changed MCS - Upon dying you should now spawn at your bed instead of the spawn.
  • [#25224] changed MCS - You can now use spawner eggs to change spawners.

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