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Welcome to the New Development Site!

This site was designed to more accurately display and showcase bug fixes, changes, and modifications to servers and services on the Smithtainment Gaming Network. We've decided to transform the old development site into a community website and blog for network-related events and news. Both sites will be used in tandem now to display changes, so keep a close eye on both if you are interested.

How to navigate...

  • Navigation is simple on this new site. each changelog is displayed based on the date of the change released. You can click on the date to bring up a more detailed view of the changes released on this date.

  • Logs are colored differently so that you can quickly determine what type of log was made.

  • Each log has a unique number associated with it so that logs can be quickly documented or referenced outside the changelog site.

There are multiple planned features including a search bar and detailed server categories coming in the next days, so please check this site regularly!

~Development Team Leadership


  • [#25219] changed FORUMS - The navigation bar now scrolls with the top of the window instead of the top of the page.


  • [#24207] added MCTTT - Emotes have returned. Purchasable via premium points. Access by typing in chat !emotes or !emote.
  • [#24208] added MCTTT - Added a crashscreen incase the server crashes. This will be implemented to the other servers as well if all goes well on this one.
  • [#24209] added MCTTT - T-Rex limited time player model added to pointshop. Only available for limited purchase so get it while you can.
  • [#24210] added VTTT - New map ttt_mc_desert.
  • [#24211] changed VTTT - Added ability for more maps to be selected on map vote. There is an entirely new map vote coming soon as well btw so stay tuned for that.
  • [#24212] removed VTTT - Removed map ttt_mc_pool_r due to pornographic images on the map.
  • [#24213] added CPH - New map ph_town.
  • [#24214] added CPH - New map ph_thesecondfloor.
  • [#24215] added CPH - New map ph_dirtydiner.
  • [#24216] added CPH - New map ph_galactic.
  • [#24217] added CPH - New map ph_bank.
  • [#24218] fixed MCS - Hopefully resolved issue with RTP not working.


  • [#24206] added VTTT/MCTTT - Scoreboard will now display Traitor kills. Only your Traitor buddies can see the amount of kills you have until the round ends. After the round ends everyone can see how many kills you got.


  • [#23189] security GLOBAL - Fixed various exploits/lag methods. More security overall.
  • [#23190] added VTTT - Added map
  • [#23191] security GLOBAL - Applied security fixes to many exploits/laggers. Improved security overall.
  • [#23192] added VTTT - Added map
  • [#23197] security GLOBAL - Applied security fixes to many exploits. Improved security overall.
  • [#23198] added VTTT - Map ttt_minecraft_clue.
  • [#23199] added VTTT - Map ttt_mc_jommasberg.
  • [#23200] fixed VTTT - Attempted to improve hitboxes AGAIN.
  • [#23201] removed VTTT - Map ttt_mc_kitchen.
  • [#23202] removed VTTT - Map ttt_mc_snow.
  • [#23203] added MCS - Jobs are added back. Hopefully the lag from them is fixed.
  • [#23204] added MCS - Shops plugin. Just need to add the items to the shops now.
  • [#23205] fixed MCS - Resolved a memory leak issue.


  • [#22186] changed MCS - RTP will now cost $75 per teleport. Cooldown increased to 3 minutes.
  • [#22187] changed MCS - Amount of lottery tickets you are able to purchase increased from (3) > (5).
  • [#22188] fixed MCS - More server optimizations to reduce lag/random crashes.


  • [#22179] added MCS - Players can now marry other players for special bonuses. Type /marry for command help.
  • [#22180] changed MCS - Added a new RTP system. Hopefully this one works better.
  • [#22181] changed MCS - The end and nether has been wiped. You can also no longer RTP in either of these due to potential bugs and server lag. This is the last time either of these will be wiped until 1.16 comes out.
  • [#22182] changed MCS - World border has been extended to 12000.
  • [#22184] fixed MCS - Various exploit fixes and server performance fixes.


  • [#22174] added MCTTT - Improved barnacle Traitor weapon has been re-added. An outline has been added so all traitors can now see the barnacle. It also can no longer be attached to players.
  • [#22175] added MCTTT - Solid Snake playermodel. Limited to VIP++ rank only. If you have donated for VIP++ in the past and currently have another rank please make a ticket providing proof and we will manually give you the model.
  • [#22176] added MCTTT - GTAwards added. Auto Promote has been removed and replaced with a new system. Players will now receive 300k regular pointshop points upon reaching Diamond. Players will receive 750 premium points upon reaching Emerald. You can access the leaderboards by pressing F7.
  • [#22177] added MCTTT - New stats system has been added. This will keep track of various server/player stats on things such as win ratios
  • [#22178] fixed MCTTT - Hoooooopefully improved hit boxes AGAIN.


  • [#22173] added VTTT - Added ttt_mc_kitchen.


  • [#21166] added VPH/CPH - Map
  • [#21167] added VPH/CPH - New Map
  • [#21168] added VPH/CPH - New Map ph_stardestroyer_v1_1.
  • [#21169] added VPH/CPH - New Map ph_storehouse_v2.
  • [#21170] added VPH/CPH - New Map ph_awesome_containership_map.
  • [#21171] added VPH/CPH - New Map ph_academy20.
  • [#21172] fixed CPH - Issue where the server would sometimes get stuck in an endless reboot cycle upon startup has now been resolved.


  • [#21159] changed FORUMS - Sidebar sidebar to show user avatar
  • [#21160] fixed FORUMS - Forums databases so that the forums accesses data more efficiently.
  • [#21161] fixed FORUMS - Forums data so that buggy or unused data would be indexed at a lower rate.
  • [#21162] fixed FORUMS - Forums tables and templates so that data would not go through an infinite loop cycle.
  • [#21163] deprecated FORUMS - 22 broken and unused plugins to clean up space and free up more memory.
  • [#21164] added FORUMS - Optimizations in the addon interface so that addons more cleanly load on the forums
  • [#21165] added FORUMS - Desktop and mobile sidebar subthemes so that the forums looks better on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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