Smithtainment Dev



  • [#39374] added VTTT - Implemented a new stats system. This tracks various statistics such as overall kdr and weapon stats. You can also view the stats of other players. Simply type !leaderboard or press F6. You must have at least 15 rounds on the server for stats to start tracking.
  • [#39375] added MCTTT - Traitor weapon Boomerang can now be purchased if you are a Traitor.
  • [#39376] added VPH - Limited time beast weapons are back in the pointshop for a limited time. Pick them up while you can.
  • [#39377] changed VPH - Veteran and Master ranks should now have color on the scoreboard.
  • [#39378] changed VPH - Reduced premium point prices of almost the entire pointshop. I felt some things were just too expensive. Take a look at the new prices I think they're pretty fair.
  • [#39379] added CPH - Implemented snake minigame.