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Change Logs ( 3/29/18) – PropHunt

This is just a small update to add some extra features to the Prop Hunt server that our other servers currently have. These changes will take effect after the next restart (apart from the donation perks.)

  • Added “Round Notifier”. This will work the same way as it does on our TTT servers. Basically if you’re tabbed out your GMOD client icon will start flashing, as well as making a beep noise to notify you that the round has started or you’ve loaded onto the server after a mapchange.
  • Added a popup for users to join the steamgroup upon connecting to the server.
  • Added the reporting system that the TTT servers have. This will make things easier on staff.
  • Added new donation perks. Visit if you’re interested in donating.
  • Updated Anti-Cheat
Network Head Developer and Global Admin